George Brown
Brown's 5 Mark

About George

The name George Brown is synonymous with innovation in shoemaking. In 1877 frustrated with selling inferior footwear in the midwest, he gambled everything to create The Brown Shoe Company. Innovation was the cornerstone of his endeavors; he engineered shoes built specifically for the left and right foot and created specific and unique styles for women. In 1901 he established the Buster Brown children’s brand, and at the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair, he erected a mini footwear factory to demonstrate how quality shoes were made.
Around 1910 George created “Brown Bilt” as a vehicle to message the quality of his shoes, combined with a 5 pointed star, stamped on soles, retail signage and as an “in-box” brochure.

In 1914, George engineered highly durable officer shoes and combat boots for the first World War, designing a new way to look at military footwear with key functional improvements. Through the next 100 years, Brown created a number of men's brands; Brownbilt, Regal, Roblee, Pedwin and Mustang, all focusing on construction innovation with modern style.

George Brown built, innovated, invented and inspired a new way of shoemaking. George the inventor, is remembered in all our footwear concepts, each named after another inventor.

George Brown Bilt honors his legacy blending his passion for innovation with the needs of today’s modern man.